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If you're like most people, you probably use bookmarks and favorites to create shortcuts to websites you visit most or those websites you want to remember to access in the future. FCorp - Link Manager lets you manage all your links easily and conveniently.

This program comes equipped with tons of tools to help you get the best performance from all the links you need to store on your PC, giving you the possibility to organize all your favorite folders easily and practically. With this program, you can search for links, extract links from any site, synchronize, cut, translate, or even save them as PDF files, among other options.

The program's interface is simple; all the features are divided into functions, so you know at all times which to open. Once you're in each window, you'll find all the subfunctions you can work with. Download FCorp - Link Manager and explore the long list of possibilities for working with your links and keeping them organized.
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